Top 7 Ways to Build a Creative Business

Imagine a life where you are actually using your creativity and getting paid to do it. A job where you expand and share your true talents with others and you actually make money doing what you love.

If this has been a deep down desire of yours, your in the right place! I help women from the “Happy Days” generation become entrepreneurs.

P.S. You’ll also find out about my adventures in playing “I Dream of Jeannie”.

Here’s What I Believe

Creating a business from your passion gives your life purpose and I’m excited to be your creative guide to making it happen.

I do this by working with you:



VIP Days and Workshops

all specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs

I combine my unique knowledge of digital marketing and physical product sales experience to give you the “creamy mayo” to help you succeed.

Let’s chat about where you are at in your creative business journey so we can figure out your next step.