Let’s be real: the Pandemic has stifled any form of in-person sales. And in the Arts & Crafts industry we rely heavily on that visual aspect of our sale.

But the writing is on the wall: We need to pandemic-proof our business.

But how or where do you begin? You aren’t even tech-savvy! Yet you need an online shop or course site like yesterday!

Think it’s not possible. I get it. Because right now you:

–Don’t believe you could recreate a great customer experience online;

–You don’t really have the technical skills to put your business online;

–You don’t know all the steps involved in accomplishing this monumental task

Hi! I'm Linda. I'm here to help you transition your in-person sales to the online world -- specifically the Arts & Crafts Industry

When I played Nelson in “I Dream of Jeannie” I knew

 I was meant to be a creative.

The very first memory I have of feeling the thrill of being creative was when I was about 10 years old. I was at my one and only friend’s house and we decided to play “I Dream of Jeannie”. Of course, since she had beautiful long, silky blonde hair, she got to be Jeanie, which left me as Nelson :/

So, to make myself feel better about pretending to be the guy, I told her I had to have a suit jacket. We rummaged through fabric and proceeded to use her mom’s sewing machine to create a man’s suit jacket. I don’t really think it turned out (since we had zero experience in sewing),

…but in my mind all I recall is how much fun the possibility of creating something from nothing was. 

From PC Consultant to Scrapbooking Retreat Owner (and owning my own mixed media art store) I know what it takes to run a successful business as a creative.

One day at my 9-5 my boss brought in a set of encyclopedias to throw in the big trash bin. I stopped him in his tracks and asked if I could have them instead. I just couldn’t see all of those beautiful books getting tossed out, so I committed myself to finding a way to recycle them in my artwork.

This is how I came up with my very own product line of mixed media products. I went on to design over 150 products, selling them both retail and wholesale, and being featured in Zulily twice!

I have since sold my product line to another amazing artist and have created this business where I teach all I know about starting and succeeding with a creative business. 

Helping others in the arena I’m most passionate about gives me complete joy! I hope I can help you too!

Here’s What I Believe

The Arts & Crafts industry is unique. We are a very visual, hands-on group. Our strengths usually aren’t in the techie world, yet that’s exactly where we need to expand for business security and diversity. I combine my unique knowledge of digital marketing and physical product sales experience as well as techie skills to give you the “Vanilla Ice Cream on Hot Apple Pie” to help you succeed.

I do this by working with you:

1:1 Coaching & Accountability

Done in a Day Programs

Beginner Online Marketing Training

all specifically designed for the Arts & Crafts Industry

Other Fun Facts About Me

  • I start my mornings with coffee and vanilla creamer
  • Obsessed with “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
  • I covet reading vampire mysteries (think Vampire Diaries and the whole adventures of Sookie Stackhouse from the True Blood series)
  • Lose myself playing slot machines at the casino
  • Have my very own She-Shed where I create and display all of my artwork (yes, it screams ‘shabby-chic’)
  • Baseball lover (especially my Milwaukee Brewers)