Learning how to use Facebook for your business is the difference between experienced vs. amateur. It’s easy for the lines to get blurred when we are talking about such a highly-used platform. Let’s review a couple of key points of using Facebook for your business.

Facebook is a social media platform.

The main objective for the owner of Facebook is to sell you advertising. This means they work really hard to keep you on their platform as long as possible.

What does this look like?

Using Facebook for your Business Shop

Facebook recently just re-introduced that you can have your very own shop on Facebook. In reality, it’s just a shop tab on your business page to a list of your products. Nothing fancy, but functional. They provide this to keep you on their platform as long as possible in hopes that you will purchase advertising from them to promote your business.

What’s wrong with using this “shop” in place of having your own online shop? 

  1. You don’t “own” anything you put on Facebook like you do for your own website. This means you can’t simply move it elsewhere AND they can police what you do offer.
  2. If you are looking to present yourself in a professional manner, having just a Facebook shop looks cheap and unprofessional.
  3. They take a percentage of your sales.
  4. Facebook can literally be showing a competitor’s ad right along side your products. This means you don’t have your audiences undivided attention.

Using Facebook for your Business in Groups

They also provide you with the ability to host your own groups. Nice, but again, it’s a social media community and all provided in hopes to keep you on Facebook as long as possible. They encourage people to host a group in hopes that you will want to purchase advertising to get people in your group. 

The latest trend I have seen with groups is when artists host a free or paid online course or membership inside a Facebook Group.

What’s wrong with this?

  1. Your audience is going to get distracted by other things going on inside Facebook so you won’t have their undivided attention.
  2. It comes across cheap and unprofessional which devalues your entire course or membership.
  3. Again, you don’t own any of the content you put on Facebook. They do. At any time they can choose to police or remove your content.

I urge you to remind yourself of every platforms purpose when contemplating what to use to represent your online business. 

Ready to build an online course or membership site? 

How should you be using Facebook for your business? 

Brand Awareness

If you have your own website or online course, tell people about it on Facebook. Have a business page on Facebook and direct people who are interested to click on over to your site. When your business is at a stage where it makes sense to use marketing dollars, go ahead and purchase some Facebook ads. 

Use of Facebook Groups is another way to bring awareness to your brand. Build a community of like-minded individuals and be sure they know where to contact you off of Facebook.

Social media platforms should be used to make connections with friends and family. Sometimes the lines between personal use and business use get pretty blurry. I hope this helps.

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