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How to Make More Sale on Autopilot with Email

with Chrisie Augustina

There are common mishaps on how valuable email marketing is, maybe because of social media? So, in the pursuit of achieving to increase more click-through rates and defining your business algorithms, we need a reliable resource tool and strategy for this. Joining me today is Chrisie Augustina where she discusses the beauty of email marketing and autopilot.

Chrisie Augustina is an email marketing expert. She teaches Coaches and Course Creators how to write emails for more sales – or she writes them for you!

Chrisie is also passionate about everything about mindset, self-image, and the Law of Attraction. She believes in radical self-responsibility and that our thoughts create our results. With that, Chrisie is on a mission to help her clients get paid 365 by creating passive income in email marketing.

Don’t ever be afraid to take baby steps because today is the best time to check your business marketing strategy. So make sure to tune into this week’s episode!


  • Click this link to snag Chrisie’s proven 6 email sequence strategy to get sales, fill a masterclass, or even book calls on autopilot.


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