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Simplifying your Business through Systems and Support

with Emma Ferrick

There’s a stigma that simplifying business might cost you a bunch of money and time, without realizing the long-term benefits that it can do for your business. In the pursuit of just staying to work inside the box you’re used to, you tend to overwork and make your system even more complex. But it’s time to stop and rethink to start simplifying your business. So, joining me today is Emma Ferrick where she discusses how important putting up your process and system in place for business operations and management is.

Emma Ferrick is an Operations and Systems Strategist. She helps driven entrepreneurs earn more while working less through her Optimization Framework to ensure they don’t waste time or money. Prior to helping clients, she finds balance and joy in their business.

Moreover, Emma graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Operations Management with a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma that led her to work full time as a Project Scheduler. She started her business to build a better life for her daughter and herself shortly after becoming a single mother from domestic abuse. What started out as a side hustle quickly grew into a thriving business. Because of her background and limited time to work on her business, she started to adopt automation and efficiency from day one to help live her life to the fullest. Now she helps others do the same by offering personalized solutions that support growing businesses without constant oversight so you can take moments to relax and be assured it’s all working for you.

Get out of the box and make sure you start simplifying your business today. So make sure to tune into this week’s episode!


  • Click this link to grab Emma‘s Tech Stack of Freedom Workbook.

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