So you can Pin2Win!

What does this offer include?

-A thorough look at the backend of your website to inventory all of the content you can use with my Pinterest strategy to increase your website traffic.

-All viable content will be inventoried in an organized spreadsheet that will be provided to you.

-A custom synopsis of just how ready you are to start pinning.

-Those that aren’t quite ready to take advantage of a Pinterest strategy will be provided detailed, custom recommendations on the necessary steps to take in preparation of implementing a Pin2Win strategy.

How does the process work?

Once you make payment you will be able to schedule 15 minutes on my calendar for you to tell me about your business and provide me with administrative rights to the backend of your website. On average, allow me one week to do your audit and compile my findings and recommendations. At that time I will email you with a link to book a consultation review of the results together. 


Q4 is a GREAT time to find out where you stand in the process of drastically improving your website traffic. 

Here’s the link to book it >>