As a creative, I’m sure you can relate to the term ‘Shiny Ball Syndrome’. We see something that looks and sounds really good and we want it.

It stops us in our tracks and something about that new thing makes us shift gears and want it.  Now sometimes you are really happy you did stop, look and act upon your desire. But how often can you say that after you took that action you received the results you were searching for? Be honest. Here’s a real-life example. Let’s see if you can relate. 

You see an offer from someone you trust online. The offer states it will teach you how to create an amazing online course. You’ve always wanted to create an online course so you throw balls to the walls and jump at the opportunity. You spend $1,000 for this opportunity. After spending months following the teachings you create your very own online course. Excited, you put it out into the world, positive you are going to get the same amazing results they showed you in that webinar. But you get crickets. You can’t understand what went wrong. I can tell you what went wrong.

That shiny-ball course provided you exactly what they said they would — they showed you how to create an online course. But, what they didn’t tell you or teach you is how to build an audience FIRST so that you had people waiting for your course. People that would be interested in your course. People you can talk to about your course. 


This is the problem with following that shiny ball. It gets you off track of doing things in the order you need to do them. Of course, you can multi-task, aka, build your audience while you are creating that course (or any other product you are creating). But no one told you that. You were so busy thinking and working on building that you didn’t think about what else you would need to make it all happen. 

Creators don’t tell you this. They want you to just buy what they are selling. 

What would really help you is a solid path you could grow along with.

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