7 Best Marketing Tools to Invest in For Your Online Business

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Let’s keep it real-when we first start our online business, the last thing we want to do is spend money – we’re looking to make 💵 . Let’s check out the 7 best marketing tools for your online business. But doing everything yourself will only get you so far. You know the time has come […]

The Power of Pinterest

With everyone running to Instagram and Facebook Groups to find their ideal clients, behind the scenes is the true silent winner, Pinterest. Because there’s power in those pins! Unlike Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, Pinterest is a search engine. That puts it in the same category as Google. And we all know how powerful Google […]

Tech Support

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Email collection setup for the non-technical can be intimidating and overwhelming. But here’s what I know and can help with when it comes to tech support:  Email is the #1 way people are going to find you and get to know you in the online world.  So you need to make this happen if you […]

Why Personal Branding is Important For Your Email List

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What is personal branding? Branding helps people identify who you are as a person/company, what you stand for, and the reason they should buy from you. Personal branding is crucial when your building a business online. When your ideal client is looking to invest in your service, they need to feel a connection. You want […]