This is entry one in a series of real-life experiences I’ve had over the past 27 years as an entrepreneur. I hope by sharing these stories you can find some benefits in them for yourself.

Back in the early 2000’s I was working for a telecommunications company. It was a small business where everyone used their personal skill sets to contribute to running the business. 

Up until this time I had been doing some small freelance website design work for others. The telecommunications company didn’t have a website and I felt strongly that they should. So I offered to create one for them. 

The owner was hot to see results in everything we did, so the pressure was on. He agreed to allow me to build them a website. Previously I had been creating wordpress websites. But honestly, I was intimidated by the owner and didn’t trust my own abilities to build a wordpress website FAST. So I chose to use a pre-designed platform. 

I spent about a week building the website on that platform, with daily pressure from my boss to get it done. 

The design was fine. I had it up and running. 

So one of the next questions I got from the owner was ‘can you get us on page 1 of the Google results?’

I had no experience with SEO and honestly felt extremely intimidated. 

So I contacted an acquaintance I had who I knew had experience with creating websites with great SEO results. She did so both professionally and on the side. 

She took one look at what I had designed and said ‘I don’t know if i can help you.’ 

She referred me to another SEO expert she knew. 

That expert took one look at the website and then explained to me that it was literally impossible to do SEO optimization on a site that was built on one of these DIY platforms. 

In technical terms, platforms such as this (i.e., WIX, Weebly, Kajabi), reside on containers that make it difficult for Google bots to crawl the site and determine what the content is about. Unlike WordPress which uses open source coding. That open source coding allows Google to easily scan the website, determine what it’s about and only then is Google able to include that site in search results.

This was catastrophic news. I just spent a week building a website for my boss that wasn’t capable of giving him the results he desired. 

Pride aside, I had to break the news to my boss. A completely new website was going to need to be built. He took the project away from me and I sheepishly went back to doing the other tasks I was hired for. 

I will never forget the humiliation of that experience. 

If I would have just been confident in my ability to build that website using WordPress (which I knew), things would have turned out so much different. 

I should have been confident not only in my abilities, but also to stand up to my boss’ bully tactics when it came to how much time it would take for me to build him what he wanted and needed. 

I’m glad I learned the technical lessons, but the personal lack of confidence was quite painful. 

I recount this story because 1) this is exactly why I’m such an advocate for WordPress websites and 2) my own lack of self confidence made for a humiliating experience.

This experience is just one in a long list that have led me to creating my Leader of One mentorship program. If you’d like to learn more, check it out.