Work with Me

We are a great fit if:

-You’re working in a job you don’t love (or you’re not working at all)
-You have a deep desire to truly love what you do every day
-You are an artist or creative but you don’t know how to use those skills to actually make a living


Q: I’ve just figured out what products I want to sell. Are you going to be able to walk me through the next steps?

A: Absolutely! 

Q: I want to create a business but know that I lack the self-confidence to actually do it. Do you have something that can help me?

A: Yes! Plenty of people lack the self-confidence but once they start to take some baby steps toward their dream it gets easier. Mindset is a big part of success.

Q: Isn’t it going to cost me a ton of money to have my own business?

A: Not necessarily. In my experience I never had spare chunks of money to throw into my business. The majority is simply sweat equity.